Tell New York State Politicians “No” to Legislation that puts you at greater physical and financial risk.

Uber is operating in New York City only because they are playing by the rules that have been established to protect passenger safety, ensure employee rights, and operate responsibly. They don't follow these basic duty of care rules anywhere else in New York.

Why doesn't the rest of New York State's residents deserve the same protections as New York City? Are you less valuable to the State's Politicians than residents and visitors in the 5 boroughs of the city?

Livery Industry Council is opposed to pending bills A06090A and S04280A currently being considered in Albany as these bills seek to create a path for Transportation Network Companies (TNC) to bypass existing insurance, licensing and regulatory processes that are already in force on a local and state level to protect the public.

We are not against TNC companies operating in New York State.  However, any state-enabling legislation must include mandatory fingerprinting with DCJS background investigation and drug testing of drivers. Furthermore, livery liability insurance and workers compensation insurance coverage must be mandated to ensure public and driver safety.

Livery car drivers operating in NYC, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk, by conforming to the existing Taxi and Limousine Commissions in those jurisdictions, already meet these high standards. TNC companies operating in NYC, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk likewise must do the same.

This would, however, necessitate that the Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk TLCs be included in the specific exemption contemplated for the NYCTLC in order that these TLCs can regulate the new TNCs, as they do other for-hire vehicles defined by Municipal Home Rule 181.

We think that our residents should be entitled to the protections and safeguards afforded to the people of New York City.

Sign the attached petition and let your legislators know that you expect to have your safety and security matter by having Uber abide by standards already in place.

Make Uber abide by standards already in place:

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